Twenty Queries

As of today, I have sent 20 queries out to publishers and literary agents. This is an interesting process to me because most of the time it is simply a letter and the first few pages of your manuscript or a letter with a synopsis (which is the most painful thing to write because it is so difficult to describe your novel in such a bland format).

Judging from everything that I have read, these agents get a ridiculous amount of submissions every month. So if I get no response or a simple rejection it will be easy for me not to take it personally because these people really never got a chance to read the story.

I have focused on agents who are looking for women’s fiction, Southern fiction, Book club fiction and literary fiction. I am hoping for a stroke of luck but since I am not really Irish I will take whatever….
Last week, I spoke with a man I know through work. He is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, a former editor of a North Carolina based magazine, and a published novelist of two true crime novels, one of which was turned into a movie starring Eric Roberts. He was rejected 19 times. He told me that writing the novel was the actual accomplishment, and while I agree with him 100%, I have decided to send out 20 queries – not 19 – with the hopes that the extra one will say yes. 
I am thinking positive about this entire process because I know that no matter what happens, Scout’s Honor will be published. Judging from the feedback I have received so far about the book, I believe that folks who read these genres will not be disappointed, that even if it is nothing special to them, it will move them in a positive way. It is perhaps the most confident I have ever been about anything I have ever done. And that is perhaps the real prize for me…the belief in my own creation. 
I look forward to when I can finally share this piece of work with you all. 

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