The Industry of Writing

The industry of writing is overwhelming, and wading through it sucks. Not to mention the waiting. As I have gotten older, I actually have gotten more patient. And considering I was borderline psychotic in the Patience Department in my twenties, especially on highways, it’s actually at a respectable level now. I let people merge. I let people in front of me. But I do get pissed off if I don’t get the little Thank You wave. Seriously, this is the South, I want my damn wave for being friendly and patient. And while my husband will disagree that I do not tailgate…I do not tailgate for the most part….unless you are driving in the left lane at or below the speed limit. Seriously people…it is the PASSING lane. If you want to drive the speed limit, get in the RIGHT LANE. Anyway…you can take the girl out of Jersey but not the Jersey out of the girl…

Waiting on queries, knowing that it will take an out right miracle for anyone to even ask to read my manuscript, and then trying to figure out Plan B… self publishing. There are independent publishers as well, those that you can approach without an agent. There are literally 5 million contests, most of which appear to be for poetry. It looks to me like everyone on the planet is a writer or wants to be one.

As far as self publishing is concerned, I’ve looked at Create Space and Lulu. Create Space is a more affordable option, but Lulu has great marketing packages, and I love that it is based in Raleigh. That is the key – the marketing – especially in an industry completely saturated with both great unknown work and also a lot of garbage. I hope mine work is an unknown talent and not garbage LOL.

To me, writing is like singing. There is a lot of talent, a lot of real talent among regular people like you and me. And they are doctors, lawyers, salesman, waitresses, housekeepers, bus drivers, teachers…they’re everywhere. But it takes placing that talent in the right place at the right time with the right song in front of the right person/people in the right forum in order for it to have a chance to be heard. That’s why the singing and cooking show competitions are so popular – we like seeing the Nobody from Nowhere make it. Americans are all about the underdog overcoming the odds.

Like in anything else, the marketing requires that you have to spend the money to get the book out there to be read. You have to pay for The Right Kind of Reviews. You have to pay for a good author website and then a marketing plan for that. You have to have an established social media platform. You have to pay to get your book in book shows. You have to try to get your name and book out there with readings and signings…and really…who wants some unknown author reading or signing in their bookstore? Haven’t you ever gone in a bookstore and seen an author sitting there at a table with a pile of books and no one stops by? I always feel bad.

There is apparently still quite a stigma of self publishing, so it actually makes sense to set up your own publishing company in order to publish your own stuff, even if that is still technically self publishing. It is just really One Big Good Ol’ Boy Network – just like everything else. And it is always changing.

A huge part of me would rather just set up my own thing and go from there…See where it leads. I don’t like being controlled, especially when the creation is mine. But I also know that sometimes, you have to play the game with its crappy rules.

As much as I would like for some Knight in Shining Armor to swoop in and carry my book off, I have grown to realize…and accept the reality…that for a lot of us, there is no Knight. We have to be our own Knight. That also makes for a great story…it’s just not as romantic. And well, I am a romantic…


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