Scenes from a story

Scout’s Honor takes place in a few places in North Carolina over the span of 20 years. Scout is from a small town called Haddleboro – a fictional small town. I purposely kept its location vague, but folks from around these parts will be able to get an idea of its location based upon certain driving distances I provide to actual cities and towns.

Camp Judah is in Catawba County, near the Catawba River. While Camp Judah is fictional, that location is real. The second part of the story mostly takes place in Raleigh – NC State University and immediately surrounding locations. I reference Cameron Village, Pullen Park and Hillsborough Street. I also use actual NC State locations, such as Scout’s residence hall and Reynolds Coliseum. Scout works at a fictional restaurant in Raleigh. The third part also mostly takes place in Raleigh, with references to Glenwood South, but Scout works at a fictional bar and one of my characters lives at a fictional hotel on Glenwood. I drove down Glenwood to come up with where the bar and hotel would be if I had to place them.

I enjoyed having to come up with photos that gave the reader both real locations and fictional locations in order to make this Scout’s Honor Youtube Slideshow . The song that accompanies the photos is an instrumental of one of my favorite songs, Time in a Bottle, by Jim Croce.

At some point, I will attempt to make a book trailer. But for now, I hope future readers will enjoy this little peak into some scenes and locations of Scout’s Honor.

If anyone has difficulty accessing the link I provided, here it is again:

Also, it can be seen via my website.


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