A Purpose

Since I took on this task of becoming a published author, I’ve learned several things…and most of those things have nothing to do with the actual art and craft of writing. I would LOVE to focus on that. The community college near my house even has a creative writing certificate program, the only one in the state of North Carolina, which is taught by local authors and poets and retired UNC professors. I would LOVE to take some of these classes to help me be a better overall storyteller.
The single most important thing I’ve learned on this journey is that I have no idea how I’m ever going to write my second book with all the “other” writing I need to do in order to build up my author platform! I started it, and much of it is in my head, but getting it out into a document has proven to be very difficult.
I’ve been working with my editor for a few months now, tweaking and adding and deleting and reworking this and that within my debut novel, Scout’s Honor. I can say with absolutely certainty that my editor has really helped me take a good basic story (which is what she first saw) and mold it into a better one. (I’ve also been slightly embarrassed with some of my grammatical errors – seriously, I DO edit not only my own work but others’ writing almost daily in my day job….)
It is hard to write a book and re-read it and edit it and keep thinking scenes and talking out scenes with myself in the car and holding entire conversations with my characters and then put everything together in a way that a reader will receive it. The value that an editor – who is also a *reader* brings to the table – is probably just not quantifiable. It is pretty challenging to write a book and be able to see it like a reader.
The purpose of this blog posting is kind of silly. Simply stated: I need to post more on my author blog, Finding Dori, in order to build up readership and more internet content. So, in an effort to get myself on a schedule, for the remaining weeks of 2015, I will be posting twice a week on Finding Dori. In 2016, I have an entire schedule set up with blog postings three times a week – with themes. The themes will mostly be around writing and becoming an author, as well as my novel’s long awaited release in April. I will also have random blog postings, which will center on something found within my book or a holiday or a memory, etc.
In addition, I will be attempting to do guest blogs on my publisher’s blog. So, I hope that if you read my blog…if you like something I write, you will share it with your own network of readers and writers.
🙂 Dori     

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