Scout’s Honor status

I signed with a micro publisher back in June and have just gotten through the first massive edit of the entire manuscript. It is unreal how many little errors that I didn’t pick up myself. There is a huge difference between editing someone else’s stuff and editing your own. Then there are the little nuances that I am always looking for – for example, my book is written with multiple narrators. Some of the narrators are southern born and bred. A couple of them are not. So when a southern character is talking about dinner, I have to make sure I write supper. If a character from the north is talking about sneakers, I have to make sure the southerner says tennis shoes. If I write that someone is drinking a Coke, I have to make sure it’s a proper noun so I don’t get sued. Years and dates and pop culture references…they all have to fit. I’ve found that research is a fun part of writing but not a fun part of editing. 

I am always amazed when I read a novel put out and backed by a Big Publishing House…and find a typo. I even found a typo in Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee! I’m reading a novel now, and one of the title names in one of the chapters was an incorrect date and once when referring to a character’s name, it was spelled incorrectly. I normally read with an editor’s eye but I guess it’s just different for my own work.

In addition to the editing process, I have been working with the publisher on choosing a book cover. I was surprised to learn how exciting that was because I know how important a book cover is. But not only that, seeing the story you wrote turn into a picture or a scene is just…cool.

Since I signed on, I have been slowly trying to build up my online presence and also learn as much as I can about being an indie author and all the hands-on work it entails. While I am not being paid anything, this is like a second job now. However it’s okay. It is keeping me busy and keeping my mind occupied as I wade through the waters of being a mom of grown children.

So the status of Scout’s Honor is…still a work in progress but I can finally see that I’m checking some stuff off the spreadsheet. And any Type A personality knows how good it feels to check shit off. 🙂

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