Don’t Re-invent the Wheel

I don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel. Most things that need to be done, have been done before and by someone else. There are lots of things that have already been done that are done better than I could’ve imagined myself.
I’ve never had my own website before, other than a blog through Blogpsot, years ago when I attempted to be a blogger about life as a mom in this world. This blog is through Blogspot – it’s the same blog actually. When I began this segment of my journey (the getting published one…the one where you have to put yourself all over the Internet in order to make yourself a legitimate presence)…I saw that GoDaddy was offering a website deal for $12.95 the first year.
Getting a website with my name as the address made this thing much more real. Saying out loud, “Go to” was a bit weird. But I know nothing about making any website, let alone one that is for an author.
Thankfully, GoDaddy comes with a website builder that you can use yourself. It is basic and bare bones, but unless you are Jodi Picoult or Sarah Dessen, your author website doesn’t need to be expensive and a financial burden. What I did was look at other new authors – other nobodies like me – who have a starter website – and take a look at what they have on them. Then…go do that.
Some have very advanced websites that incorporate their blogs well along with everything else they are doing. Others are very simple and some don’t even appear to have a blog. I decided to do something else in between: A simple website that links to my blog. And then I put the normal types of pages on the site: a way to link to my social media accounts, a bio page, how to buy my book, how to contact me and book an event, reviews for my book, what my book’s about, etc. I think that for now that is all I really need to do.
So when you are considering having your own website, which if you are an author, you should…. Really, seriously, do it. It doesn’t have to be fancy. But you need a place where people can go to see you and your product. A place with your name. A place that might actually describe you and what you are doing. I am a simple girl. I live in North Carolina. My book takes place in North Carolina. My website reflects this. My bio is short and sweet without too much personal information. My review page is blank because I have no reviews yet! But that will change at the new year.
Once my book is finally out, then I will have more to put on there and will have to keep it up to date with event postings and anything else that I see OTHER authors putting on their pages to help make their book accessible, but more importantly, me more accessible.
So my advice is, simply put, go find authors like you already out there who have made a path through this heavily wooded forest leading to a release date. And go do what they are doing.

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