Christmas and Holiday Shopping


I don’t know about you, but there is something warm and fuzzy about walking around an outdoor mall in a coat and a hat and gloves with a couple of large shopping bags full of gifts needing to be wrapped. I usually hate shopping. HATE. But at Christmas time, my stomach gets butterflies when I need to go to the indoor mall or an outdoor mall for shopping. The cool air, the Christmas music, seeing Santa in his big regal red chair, looking at the line of kids in their Christmas finest waiting for their visit…I just take it all in. It reminds me of this magical time of my own childhood and my children’s childhood.

I like gift giving – in fact, I’d say that I’m pretty good at it. I put a lot of thought into the gifts I choose for people, and it makes me feel good to see the recipient happy and touched when he or she opens their package.

Over the last several years, online shopping has boomed significantly. I do a lot of mine online now, which mostly negates the need to go to the malls and shops for gifts – unless that is the only place you can find what you’re trying to get. It’s a lot quicker and more efficient to just hop on Amazon and pick out your items in one dreadful butt-numbing sitting. But really…it’s just another thing that has been taken away from the magic and spirit of the season. There is something noble about being in the stores looking for that special something for someone you love. Sitting at a computer and clicking on stuff? Just seems like going through the motions of Christmas to me. 

Black Friday shopping has been a tradition in my family for a long time. My girls and I love to just go and people watch. We rarely even buy anything on that day. It became the kind of day where we could at least go take a look at what we might buy for someone else, more like a scouting trip, a way to engage the world and its official entrance into the shopping season. Somehow shopping at a computer on Black Friday seems wrong.

Christmas shopping for me is a way to hold onto the beauty of life, the things that are good and kind, and it is this connection to my own soul that helps me write stories.     

So how do you do your holiday shopping and what does it mean for you?   

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