Fire Pits and Oven Mitts


I live in North Carolina, and this holiday season has been unseasonably warm. Normally, I’d be singing the Hallelujah Chorus about flip-flops during a time of year that should be chilly – at a minimum – but I admit that it’s been tough to get into the Christmas spirit when it’s too warm for red sweaters. And fire pits. And oven mitts.

Cold weather brings out the Sarah Lee in me. Baking mac and cheese, baking cookies, baking brownies, ruining at least one set of good oven mitts on a Sunday afternoon…but then there is the issue of the fire pit.

We built a fairly impressive fire pit in our backyard and this fall has really been too warm to bother using it. We used it once…and it wasn’t cold, but it was windy enough for ash and smoke to keep flying in my face no matter where I sat. I have been looking forward to building a fire in the pit and roasting up some s’mores on Christmas Day after it gets dark. Well, the weatherman is calling for 75 degrees on Christmas Eve.

Life provides us with amusing situations and circumstances all on its own. When writing a short story or manuscript, you can easily add an amusing side story or background to a larger story by using life’s silly jokes on us.

For example, a 75 degree Christmas when you do not live in South Florida and when all of your holiday attire is for cold weather…and so you find yourself wearing a floral print dress and sandals to a Christmas party.  A 75 degree Christmas where there is a fire pit tradition and all the folks standing around it are sweating bullets but no one wants to be rude and ask for the air-conditioning to be put on inside.

Remember, life gives us jokes from time to time, all on us. When you need a funny moment in your story or a little humor, try to think up some of these in your own life and use them.

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