My Life Soundtrack: Jessie’s Girl


In the early eighties, I was a middle school aged kid finding her way onto the music path of adolescence. Like many girls my age, I listened to whatever was popular at the time and was influenced by my peers’ tastes. 
There are certain songs throughout the course of my life that take me to exact moments, specific memories and certain people. These are the songs on the soundtrack of my life.

I can picture myself on the stairs in my house singing/shouting “My Sharona” by the Knack. I see myself walking away from the Pop Warner Mighty Mites football game, in the dark, looking at the scoreboard, wearing a stupid powder blue and white cheerleader outfit, with “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen playing in the background. And then there is sitting in my friend’s bedroom singing “Jessie’s Girl” by Rick Springfield. I used this memory in my novel, Scout’s Honor, in order to give context to the times.

Growing up, I was friends with sisters down the street. Renae was a few years older, and Dani was about a half year older than me. They shared a bedroom and had bunkbeds. Their room was very simple, no frills, and both of them had a lot of chores to do each day. Both of their parents worked so during the summer, they would be on their own during the day. They had a Collie and I’m sad to say I cannot remember its name…Sandy? Nope…can’t remember. Their house was the same set up as my house, expect a mirror reflection, and their room was in the same spot that my room was on the second floor. 
Dani and I would sit on the floor next to the bottom bunk. She had a small record player and a bunch of records. We’d play “Jessie’s Girl” over and over and over again. We’d sing, try to get all the inflections in Rick Springfield’s voice and try to figure out what the song meant. We had no idea.
To this day, whenever I hear “Jessie’s Girl,” I think of Renae and Dani. I think of reading Renae’s list of chores for one particular day. It would say “iron 5 pieces.” That meant that she had to iron 5 pieces of the family clothing that was in a pile. They weren’t allowed to go out until they were done with their chores. 
For awhile, they had an above ground pool. They had an older brother named Ray-Ray. He would play hockey on the street. We went to the same church and same schools and eventually, the same college. 
There are many more songs on my soundtrack, and this year, on some of my #funfridays, I will blog about them. What songs are on the soundtrack of your life? 

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