Hero Worship

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Writing a hero is easy to me. We are a society based in hero worship, always looking for a hero to save us. Whether it be in politics, sports, cultural, social, fictional heroes, our entire society is based on some kind of hero worship.

When you choose a grocery store, what do advertizers use to identify a hero? You think…a hero for grocery shopping? Yes. The hero for grocery shopping is that all important hero…Mom. Mom clips coupons, chooses the best peanut butter for their precious children “Choosey moms choose Jiff,” stretches every dollar, has a highly detailed list – written in the order of the aisles, ensures that the cold food is bagged with the cold food, and so on. Hero Mom brings all the food home and cooks all the food and serves all the food to her family. (Somewhere, my hus
band is laughing about that cooking part…) Sometimes they will throw in the Hero Mom who is also a career woman, so she is heroing all over the store in her Wall Street outfit.

Every story needs a hero and it doesn’t even have to be your protagonist. In my book, I told a story about a girl who really needs to become her own hero. But it takes her a long time to figure that out. However, there is a hero throughout the story, and it was easy to come up with him.

I blogged about Charlie Porter, the hero of my story, a couple of times now in my post about muses and my post about him as a character. He is that important of a fixture in Scout’s Honor that I hope the reader sees him as I tried to present him.

Sports “hero” from the 2004 Boston Red Sox World Series team

I used the military pieces in Charlie’s story to show how he is heroic. I chose his later profession to be one in law enforcement. These are both traditionally heroic career fields. He is strong, loyal, unfailing, kind, thoughtful, sincere. These are heroic traits, meant to inspire the same in others. It doesn’t mean that the hero is less complex of a human being and doesn’t have his own demons or struggles, but what moves him or her is at the base is the goodness within humanity.

Who are the heroes in your life? Who are the heroes in your stories? 

Happy Writing,




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