When Life Hands You a Lemon by Mike Hansen

#funfriday #bookreview

Today, I am doing a book review of When Life Hands You a Lemon by Mike Hansen.  

Mike’s debut novel is a fast paced and excellent read. Dan Lemon is a modern man of simplicity, routine and the kind of person who just does what everyone thinks he should do. He follows the rules of life: go to work every day, take care of your family, be on time, don’t do anything wrong. There is comfort in that for a lot of people, but at what price? 

During his work day, when he actually goes out for lunch with coworkers – which is a break from routine – and then comes back to work to discover he is being kidnapped by criminals, this event makes him face the deep seated fears that have kept him imprisoned within his own mind. The story gives your brain a good philosophical work out and many of us in middle age can completely identify with Dan Lemon – going through the motions of life. At some point, many of us do face a crisis in our lives and we are forced to confront what we believe, why we do what we do, and what makes life worth living. Whether it be a health crisis, a personal one or getting kidnapped by criminals…middle age comes for us all and we hit those “two roads in the wood.” 

Everyone has a piece of Dan Lemon in him or her, and if they say they don’t they’re lying. Mike’s debut has quick, sharp dialog with interesting male perspectives about life then and life now mixed with deep thinking and flashback storytelling…and there is a side of sweetness. 

I recommend that you give this indie author a try! His book is sold at all the major places you buy your books and can be ordered through the publisher (link above) in paperback. 


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