Scout’s Honor Character: Doug DeHaan


One of my narrators in Part 1 of Scout’s Honor is named Doug DeHaan. Doug is a gym teacher and coach, and during the summers, he lifeguards at Camp Judah. He has a wife named Cammy and a toddler son named Paul.

I created Doug to be a regular, charming, super nice guy, who despite his 32 years and life responsibilities, remains a big kid at heart. He works with children, has a passion for their well being, enjoys serving in his church and at the camp as a leader and example to young people. Students and players and campers all look up to Doug. Young teen girls have a crush on Doug. Other counselors have a crush on Doug. Doug is the kind of guy that women like and dream about, even though he doesn’t make much money in his careers. He is the kind of guy who attracts others because of his fun and outgoing personality, his handsome good looks and how he treats people.

But Doug is also at a point in his marriage to Cammy where things are a lot more challenging than they used to be. He is too busy and overworked at Camp Judah. She is busy and overworked at her shift position as a nurse. They work opposite schedules and so they do not spend much time together. They have a toddler aged son who takes a lot out of Cammy, mostly because she has to care for a baby all day and work all night, with little help from her husband.

Since a part of Doug still yearns to be young and free, it is hard for him to reconcile that his wife’s attention has gone toward the needs of her baby, rather than the needs of her husband. This alienates Doug. They both blame each other for the lack of communication in the relationship. Their mutual alienation and inability to be on the same page in dealing in a healthy and mature way with this huge (but normal) change to a couple’s marriage, relationship and home, affects them both in different ways.

How does Doug ultimately deal with his crumbling marriage and life? Read the first part of Scout’s Honor to learn how.

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