Scout’s Honor Character Introduction: Rob Caralessi


Rob Caralessi is one of the narrators in Scout’s Honor. Rob enters the story in November 1987, which is the start of Part II of the story. He first comes into Scout’s life while she is waitressing at a small Raleigh restaurant not too far from the North Carolina State University campus. Rob is an insurance salesman and a long time married father of two. He lives with his wife Rita and two children, Chase and Samantha, in Rocky Mount, about an hour from Raleigh.

Rob is a hard working and faithful man. He loves his wife and family and believes he is in strong and solid marriage. He is aware that he has been blessed with a great life. He works very hard to support his family, is an active and involved father and husband, and is genuinely a nice guy. Women find him charming and very good looking (he looks like Mickey Rourke – 1980s version), and he uses his gifts to his advantage in life and in work. It helps him be a good salesman. He is not a philanderer, and does not seek out the company of other women. Rob is a gentleman.

But there was something about the young and damaged Scout, a connection and attraction of sorts, that made him forget all of this and do whatever he could to see her again. 

Rob is a main character in the story and his narrations take place in both parts I and II. He is meant to bring to into the discussion the kinds of issues men face as they age: the ones that destroy lives and break hearts and how one huge personal failing can ultimately define the entire life of an otherwise good, honest and decent man – as well as change the course of the lives in those around him. 

Read Scout’s Honor on April 14th to learn more about Rob and his part in Scout’s story. Pre Sale for Kindle is live now at: 

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