Book Review: The Bomber by David O’Sullivan

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I have to admit that I cannot quite compare David O’Sullivan’s writing with any author in particular. He writes descriptively without being too wordy. He writes thoroughly without overwhelming a reader with prose and bogging us down with details. He writes Point A to Point B but in a way that makes you feel like you are actually there, walking on the dark streets of the “city” or waking up to a dawn so full that you would rather just stand there and look at it than get a move on with your day. I like how you are never quite sure what actual war he is writing about or what city this is in, because really, it is not important, but you can still picture everything as if it is in the news. 

This book is about a young soldier named Joseph who has returned from war. He is a bit lost and more of a wandering soul at the time, like many displaced soldiers who leave the military after a challenging service period. His best friend, a female he met while in the infantry, is murdered by her husband who is a war protest organizer. The husband goes into hiding. Joseph befriends her brother, who works odd under-the-table jobs for a mysterious old man with a lot of money. Then he is manipulated by another character to become suicide bomber in order to kill the protest organizer and avenge his beloved friend’s death.

Without telling the whole story, I encourage readers who are interested in delving into the complexities facing those who have returned from war and dealing with not just normal life, but also human relationships. How can a seemingly average person turn into a bomber? Great story. I hear there’s a sequel in the works and so I look forward to that someday.

The Bomber can be found on Amazon 

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