Book Review: I, Peter Wood by Paige Hardt

#funfriday #bookreview

I, Peter WoodPaige Hardt is a gifted writer with how she uses words in a free flowing melody. She thoroughly describes details and carries thoughtful dialogue. Her characters are interesting and understandable. 

The book revolves around the aftermath of a broken family, where the patriarch, Peter Wood, is found dead. He leaves behind a will and instructions to be followed in the event of his death. He is basically a man full of regrets, and because he never reconciled them in life, he tries to reconcile them in death. He brings his ex wife and three children from that marriage together at his childhood home to learn more about who he was and where he came from. The family must face its various demons, some of which were brought on by the alienation of their husband and father. This story touches upon many issues that affect families everywhere: divorce, alienation, sibling rivalry, adultery, love, redemption, daddy issues, reckoning, and mysteries that surround one person’s sudden death. 

The protagonist Audrey is a completely relatable young woman with her insecurities and self doubts and the complexities that surround an artist who carries within her a bleeding soul. The book is not very long, which makes it a fast and entertaining read. I highly recommend this book for your summer reading pile. Great independent author! Paige Hardt’s website is

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