Scout’s Honor Launch Day – April 14th, 2016

#manuscriptmonday #mondaymotivation

Finally, after nine months since signing my contract with Pen Name Publishing, my debut novel, Scout’s Honor, will be released this month. A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into writing the book, and then a lot of elbow grease went into the editing of the work. (“Santa Claus” is spelled “Santa Clause” in the book….sorry ahead of time to all of you nit-picky people out there….)

On April 14th, I will be running a couple of fun contests online. One is for this most amazing Scout’s Honor mug. It is a good sized mug, 15 ounces. What is better than reading a good book hot off the presses than with a big steaming mug of coffee or your favorite hot liquid?

This is how the mug contest works: Buy my book from your favorite online retailer, take a screen shot of the receipt, then email me the receipt at This contest will run all day. At the end of the day, I will draw a name from a hat and the lucky winner will be announced.

The second contest will go on for two weeks and is just for fun. Do you love taking selfies? I know lots of people do. So….When you receive my book – whether on your E-Reader or in the mail in Paperback – take a selfie of you with Scout’s Honor. Then email it to me at and I will share your selfie on all of my social media accounts as a “Scout’s Honoree.”  

Thanks to everyone for your support of my first book. And remember, a portion of the proceeds of the sales of my book will go to Colon Cancer Research and Awareness efforts. You are NEVER too young to be diagnosed with this devastating cancer. This is not an old people cancer. This is not a man’s cancer. This is an EVERYONE cancer. Get screened. Get screened earlier than 50 if you can. It might save your life.


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