Scout’s Honor Launch – Yes, it actually happened.

This blog post on Finding Dori was written on April 15th, 2016.

Yesterday was my first book’s launch day. I only get one of those. Kind of like a first Steelers game at Heinz Field. I only get one of those. So if the memory isn’t a good one – or one you’d prefer to forget -then you’re kind of screwed.

Back in June 2015, when I signed with Pen Name Publishing, the date of April 14th, 2016 seemed so far out there. And then slowly, week by week, edit by edit, building block by block, this new author experience and first book process came into a full blown photo. April 14th looked nice – a Spring day in North Carolina, a top-of-the-mountain feeling, a Rocky-at-the-Philadelphia-Art-Museum moment just a little while away….

But no. That was not my launch day.

My first book’s launch day was spent on the 3rd floor at UNC Lineberger Cancer Hospital, the chemotherapy infusion center, just like every two Thursdays for the past month and a half, with my husband who is receiving treatment for Stage 4 colon cancer. If someone told me that would be my launch day back in June, I’d slap a face (or “cut a bitch” to quote my friend). Cancer isn’t our family’s “thing.”

Well, now it is.

Basically, the Thursdays we spend there are long. My husband has to receive the chemo treatment which is the longest one, of course. We sit in our spot, he tries to get comfortable in the most uncomfortable place possible, the young UNC student volunteer comes by with his cart of coffee, Lorna Doone cookies and a smile, trying to make you feel like the worst situation in your life – ever – ever ever ever – might be momentarily lessened with his kindness – and really, it’s not, but one thing I’ve learned throughout this is that when you have cancer or when your loved one has cancer, people at the cancer hospital are the nicest people on the planet. It’s too bad they can’t all be cloned and brought outside of the hospital experience and into the “real world” – whatever that even is anymore.

There has been nothing but horrible news, results, and overall moments throughout this entire situation. We keep waiting for someone to come out of a room and at last announce, “Hey! We got good news!” or “We got news that doesn’t suck for once!” or “We got this under control!” or “Hey! Someone just found a cure!” Because really, that is all that will save him: a miracle. I know people believe in the “power of prayer,” and if God comes through for my husband, maybe my highly cynical Christian ass will have a turnaround. Because God knows I’ve prayed – and I’m not much of a pray-er anymore. God knows lots of people have been praying, people who fervently adhere to their faith. Would be nice if my husband was the tangible recipient of these kind folks’ diligent efforts on their knees. Would be great if he received the touch of God’s grace. I know I’ve bargained for it.

We met with a wonderful lady at UNC Lineberger, who coordinates events that raise funds for the hospital. She came by our little encampment and we discussed how we can best use my book to raise funds for Gastrointestinal Oncology research at UNC. She is going to set me up a “landing page” where people can donate funds to this cause, buy my book – where a portion of the proceeds will go toward this directly, and also where we can tell our story.

Scout’s Honor – which has absolutely nothing to do with cancer – is really the only thing that I have to give to try to help my husband and others in his situation or others who will be in his situation someday in the future. The hospital will be putting together a landing page for donations and my book and our story for me to share on my website and everywhere else I can share. If you donate or buy my book, please know that all the funds donated go directly toward the cause. So many charities use a lot of funds for their administration. This donation goes to the actual research. This is how progress is made – it is tangible, it is prolonging and saving lives, and I hope that something will be discovered in time to save my husband’s life.

Thanks for your support.


UPDATE: The UNC Lineberger Cancer Hospital has set up the 2016 Scout’s Honor page. If you would like to donate to Colon Cancer Research at this world class hospital, which is much needed, please go to 2016 Scout’s Honor’s Fundraising Page. ANY and ALL funds donated to this cause go DIRECTLY to research – and not administration, balloons, tee shirts and awards. Research. Period. Let’s get this cancer on the national radar for a change. THIRD cancer…and SECOND cancer killer…and no one is talking about it! You are NEVER too young to get this devastating disease.

UPDATE 2: My husband passed away on September 29th, 2016. Scout’s Honor, my next book Good Buddy, and all of my writing projects now go toward honoring his life and legacy through the Eric DeJong Memorial Fund at the Gary Sinise Foundation, which provides smart homes to severely disabled veterans. Eric was a man of honor and integrity, and our daughters and I will continue to do all we can to ensure that his good name supports worthy causes that honor his extraordinary life and example.   

9 thoughts on “Scout’s Honor Launch – Yes, it actually happened.

  1. I wish you launch day could've been all golden flowers, Dori. And I hope just one blade of good news comes your way soon. What you are all being forced to face is, as you say, hard to justify in a fair, just, loving world. I hope there are other days to come that offer the opposite. And I know you are doing some of the opposite with your release. I am excited to read Scout's Honor, and will keep spreading the word. Please tell your husband I am sorry he is going through this. You too. Truly, truly sorry, for whatever that matters.


  2. Thank you so much Jenny! Yes, it matters. All that matters is the kindness! We all have our hardships. I hope my book will help someone else if cannot help my husband. ❤️❤️ Thank you for your kind words and for sharing my post! Dori


  3. Something I forgot all those years ago, but He did not, was that God will never give us a burden we cannot bear.

    I am heartsick reading this. Please know that your husband and you and your family will be in our prayers and our thoughts.

    I lost my mother to breast cancer, so when I say “cancer sucks” it is not just words… I know. I know.

    I am looking forward to reading Scout's Honor. Anything Jenny Milchman recommends, I've found, is definitely a “must-read”.

    May His grace and mercy surround and protect you and yours and may the small kindnesses of strangers bring a little more light in to your lives.

    Veronica Marie


  4. Despite where you spent your launch you deserve a huge congratulations! Your story is wonderful and will bring moments of entertainment and brief release for people who may be going through something similar.

    My wife bought your book right away when she heard that a portion of the proceeds were going to research. You are doing a great thing there! Chin up!


  5. I think I know you well enough to say……I got nothing. Nothing. Nothing I can so or do or scream will help. I hate the impotent powerless feeling. I have learned to slowly understand. I don't control shit. Love you both. Thinking of you always.

    Marcie Shoham


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