Book Review – Broken Eagle by James T. Crouse

Broken Eagle – a Thriller
By James T. Crouse
First time novelist James T. Crouse gives us a new hero to consider: an all American “Boy Scout,” Army officer turned North Carolina solo litigator, Jake Baird. Jake is presented with a Marine widow whose husband perished in a defective “combat ready” helicopter and his death subsequently hushed by the Powers That Be. Convinced by a mysterious gravelly voiced man to file suit on behalf of the widow against the military contractors responsible for the faulty aircraft in order to halt its operations and expose the perpetuated fraud putting pilots and personnel at risk, Jake finds himself in a cloak and dagger race against time with corrupt agents of federal government, the military and private enterprise.
Crouse’s writing is replete with detail known only to someone with an extensive background in aviation as well as a sound legal education and practice in litigation. Precise and quick, the story moves steadily through local southern personalities all the way up to top levels of government and the means and motives which move even the most well meaning among us.
For those looking for deep emotional connections, intense character development and immense personal growth, this is not the type of story for you. Jake Baird is almost the epitome of human perfection right from the first word, the very definition of integrity and personal morality, the kind of man every American woman would want to bring home to meet her over protective father. The “good guys” in this story show virtually no flaws or failings and the “bad guys” do not even seem slightly conflicted about their decisions. This story revolves around the extremes among us and in typical exciting thriller format: Good versus Evil, David versus Goliath, Light versus Dark.
Great first book by James T. Crouse in the outstanding tradition of military thrillers: conspiracy, corruption and the everyday patriots who live and work among us. A wonderful salute to those who serve this country honorably in the harshest of places, doing the unseen and untold duties that call for the very heart of this nation.

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