Book Review – One God: The Will to Power, a novel by Kata Mlek

Today, Finding Dori Book Reviews (for independent authors) brings you another review of Polish author Kata Mlek. 

Kata Mlek brings us this first part in a three book series of a (not too distant) future world. Miran Zyelinski has a vision, which includes the immortality of mankind. In order to be able to accomplish his mission, he has enlisted the support of connected individuals who share his mindset. The underlying issue at hand is world domination through the control of the masses with food production as its venue. Those with money and power can control food production either like Miran, who focuses on GMOs, or like Will Smart, who focuses on seducing naturalists and minimalists to work and run his eco-friendly farms.
The book itself is written well and very crisp with its pace. It can get a bit confusing at times because there seem to be so many characters intertwined within the story, but Kata tries to write all kinds of big and little players into the larger picture: the corporate leaders themselves, the average loving mother who wants to live a simple, healthy life; the driver, the single mother trying to get ahead in this world.  

There are a few disturbing scenes in the book, and so I do not recommend this for younger people interested in dystopian leaning techno thrillers; however, Kata weaves a quick telling but all engrossing tale of greed, money, power and the insatiable lust of all three.  

To purchase this book, head on over to Amazon. Check out Kata’s other books as well. To learn more about her writing, visit her website for more information. 

One thought on “Book Review – One God: The Will to Power, a novel by Kata Mlek

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