#AuthorConfession Appearance

I had the privilege of talking to #AuthorConfession Host, JM Sullivan. She hosts #AuthorConfession on Twitter and YouTube, a fun platform for authors and writers to share about their work, their quirks and habits, their characters, their struggles. It is fun to interact with other creatives out there from time to time…too easy to get locked into our own heads.

During my guest appearance on #AuthorConfession, it was late at night. I recently moved so have not yet figured out where best to sit when Skyping or GoogleHangouting interviews. So in this one, I look like I’m staying in a hotel and have my beloved dachshund snoozing behind me the whole time. He steals the show. Go check it out!

Thank you so much to author JM Sullivan for inviting me to be her Author Confessioner this week. This debut novelist is releasing her popular and much anticipated Alice, the Wanderland Chronicles, on May 16th with Pen Name Publishing. I will provide a review of this book soon.

Thank you for reading,



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