Book Review – Alice: The Wanderland Chronicles by JM Sullivan

JM Sullivan’s debut, Alice: The Wanderland Chronicles, is a retelling of an obvious classic but with a modern, smart, witty spin. As a reader, I don’t normally read YA dystopian leaning series like this. So I am actually surprised how entertaining and engaging the entire book is, even to an old, decrepit teenager like me.

JM Sullivan is an exceptionally talented writer. She is gifted with the play of words. Her storytelling is fast, profoundly descriptive, full of tempo and action, with heart-racing scenes and then outright gore at times. Nothing is held back within this story, from start to finish.

In the beginning chapters, I felt like I was in Season 2 of The Walking Dead, poking along with Alice Carroll and her older sister Dinah, who were orphaned and living in a safe community behind walls, which protected them from the deadly Momerath. (Momerath were once people, but due to a virus that lost control, the Momerath Apocalypse occurred, forcing the ones left behind to return to basic survival.)

Alice is an otherwise average teenaged girl who is forced into becoming a heroine in order to save her sister Dinah’s life from turning into a Momerath. And isn’t that usually how unlikely heroes become heroes? They are forced into it and simply rise to the occasion. Alice comes complete with beauty and strength, intelligence and mild insecurities, and the scrappy tenacity to carry on despite the challenges she is faced with in her Wanderland adventure. There are lots of familiar characters along the way.

YA readers who love thorough storytelling with strong female protagonists will love Alice. The book is very well written and it draws the reader in, making us feel like we are a part of the show, a witness to the madness and maybe playing a part in it all ourselves.

Alice releases on May 16th, so don’t be late…late…late…for this very important date! Secure your copy today.

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