Book Review – Tobacco Sun by Lorna Hollifield

Debut author Lorna Hollifield crafted a thoughtful and challenging southern tale with both the beauty and darkness residing within the North Carolina tobacco fields and the deep complexities hiding within the unbreakable bond of sisters.

It is 1947, and Jimi-Lyn find herself as the ugly older sister left behind by her beautiful,  younger, pin-up model sister Sydra Parramore, who left town and made it in Hollywood on her talents and sex appeal. Charged with murder in her old North Carolina stomping grounds, Sydra is forced to come to terms with their mutually difficult and painful past and the suffering that has permeated both her and Jimi-Lyn’s lives. Poverty, abuse and shame were the norm in a time and place where women had nothing but their feminine wiles and men took what they wanted.

Hollifield is a master with words, bringing the reader fully into a rural small town in a simpler but still harsh time, replete with its secrets, passions and longings just waiting for their day of bloom in the warm Tobacco Sun.

Tobacco Sun is available for preorder and releases this June. Be sure to get your copy early!


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