Thanksgiving with a Missing Seat

There is nothing I could ever add to this beautiful post about Thanksgiving and the impact of the absence of a loved one. Cherish them. You never know when it’s your turn to have a missing seat at the table.

Allison Leigh DeJong

I am starting to write this post waiting for the clock to hit 4:45 so I can hit the road and drive home for Thanksgiving break. What I’m doing this year is strikingly similar to what I did 365 days ago. The only difference is one person. The only difference is the biggest difference there could ever be. My Dad. This will be my first Thanksgiving without his prominent presence that was the centerpiece of our family fun and laughter.

file-11Thanksgiving 2015

I drove home from Boone on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and prepared to leave for Florida the next morning with my mom, dad, sister, and two perfect little wiener dogs. It was a long, irritating drive down to Jensen Beach, Florida to visit my Dad’s sisters who live there. Dad yelled at my sister when we went to McDonalds and she got a frappe and couldn’t just get…

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