The Collection: Flash Fiction for Flash Memory and Serendipity

On March 2nd, 2018, The Collection: Flash Fiction for Flash Memory by Anne Anthony and Cathleen O’Connor, PHD, was released to the world. I was honored to be a part of this worthwhile project, the brain-child of Anne Anthony.

I met Anne in a roundabout way, first through an unsolicited Facebook message, back in the Fall of 2016. She saw that I was friends with a friend of hers. She saw that like another writer friend of hers, I was receiving a Readers’ Favorite medal for my novel at a ceremony in Miami. We ran into each other in Miami at the hotel in late November, where she was present to see her friend receive her award. Then we ran into each other again at the Miami airport while waiting for our flight back to Raleigh. We got to talking. She talked about dealing with some caregiving experiences. I talked about dealing with some caregiving experiences of my own. We quickly bonded over the weight of loss and the gifts of writing.

Anne’s mother loved to read for her entire life. But she began to struggle with her memory during her twilight years. She could do better with shorter stories, small pieces that told a quick tale. Quick to us, but for someone with memory problems, it might feel like a full length novel. The idea of Flash Fiction for Flash Memory was born of this experience between Anne and her mother.

Last Fall, Anne put out a call for submissions for her anthology, and I was happy to contribute a brief piece that would (hopefully) ignite within the readers or listeners those happy youthful memories of butterflies-in-the-stomach, the rush of wonderful and excited feelings a teenager gets inside when she has a crush on a mysterious boy. My story is called “See You in September” and is meant to bring back the times – and maybe trigger some memories in elderly patients – of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, jukeboxes, diners, root beer floats and young love.

There are many great stories in this book as well as some amazing photography. Be sure to get your copy on Amazon today!







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