“Friend”ship through loss

What insights on how the character of people in so-called friendships are ultimately exposed during hardships…and how their treatment of those in despair only adds to the pain of the suffering, unnecessarily.

Allison Leigh DeJong

I have tried to write about this subject a few different times, and each time it has translated to pure rage and immaturity. I have never felt as though I’ve been able to encompass the topic of friendship through loss effectively or appropriately. When I write about this, emotions rush through me. Most of them are negative and remain tandem with the worst and darkest days of my young life. With over a year to reflect and digest how friendship has played a role in my grief, I hope to convey my personal experiences and observations in a way that will help people question what friendship truly means and how detrimental your actions, as a friend, are to someone going through despair.

Not everyone is meant to be friends forever. You eventually learn what relationships around you will withstand the test of time and which will falter through distance, new…

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