Book Review – The Wrong Side of Twenty-Five by Dionne Abouelela

A story of self discovery while along a solo trip across the country, Blossom encounters both the simple goodness and desperate horrors in every day people of the present while also trying to escape from the hardships and toxic relationships of her past. Debut novelist Dionne Abouelela is a master at word-smithing and spinning a relatively average random scene into a journey in and of itself with a wealth of description and insightful observations. This story also subtly explores the ruthless underbelly of small road side towns across America and what ugly secrets they hold, right alongside some of the odd treasures that make small town America so beloved, revered, and even interesting, too. And isn’t that the way it is? Just like the people who make these places run, the stories are right in alignment with both the best and the worst in which we all live, no matter where we’re from. I highly recommend this ultimately charming story with its moments of abject hilarity for all readers. If you have never been Blossom yourself, you will want to know her and be her friend.

To get your copy of this gem, head on over to: Amazon


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