Cover Reveal for Good Buddy

Good Buddy Cover.jpg

I am happy to finally reveal the beautiful and touching cover, by the immensely talented Dionne Abouelela of Happy Writing Co, for Good Buddy, my second novel, releasing with EJD Press on June 11th, 2019.

Here is the jacket “blurb” of the story:

Good Buddy– a novel

Jonathan “Buddy” Cordova is a small time criminal defense lawyer living paycheck to paycheck and practicing law out of his house in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He likes to think of himself as a modern day Atticus Finch, the kind of attorney who represents the poor, the indigent, the “probably guilty,” the kinds of clients who usually end up in jail. Shy, painfully awkward around pretty women, and carrying his own dark secret, Buddy falls for the daily jogger – Julie Saint, a part time Kindergarten teacher and Army widow with a little girl named Molly. Consumed with love for his ready-made family, Buddy is the epitome of a husband, father and stepfather. Bonded over their mutual childhood losses, Molly and Buddy are not just stepfather and stepdaughter, but they are the best of pals. When tragedy strikes, and the past at last comes back to for its reckoning, the question becomes…what really makes a father? What kind of love resides in the heart of a man who takes on the raising of another man’s child, having all the responsibilities…but under the law, none of the rights?

This book is, at its heart, an ode to stepfathers. Stay tuned for the Book Trailer on Thursday.


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