First Loser?

Scout's Honor was named as a Finalist in the 2017 Eric Hoffer Book Awards. Anyone who follows soccer knows that when you're named Finalist, you came in second. In the book world, "Finalist" is good! Great, actually. I am humbled and honored that my beloved debut novel, the only tangible thing that kept me present, … Continue reading First Loser?

Book Review – Tobacco Sun by Lorna Hollifield

Debut author Lorna Hollifield crafted a thoughtful and challenging southern tale with both the beauty and darkness residing within the North Carolina tobacco fields and the deep complexities hiding within the unbreakable bond of sisters. It is 1947, and Jimi-Lyn find herself as the ugly older sister left behind by her beautiful,  younger, pin-up model … Continue reading Book Review – Tobacco Sun by Lorna Hollifield

Book Review – Alice: The Wanderland Chronicles by JM Sullivan

JM Sullivan's debut, Alice: The Wanderland Chronicles, is a retelling of an obvious classic but with a modern, smart, witty spin. As a reader, I don't normally read YA dystopian leaning series like this. So I am actually surprised how entertaining and engaging the entire book is, even to an old, decrepit teenager like me. … Continue reading Book Review – Alice: The Wanderland Chronicles by JM Sullivan

Scout’s Honor Launch – Yes, it actually happened.

My book, Scout’s Honor, is One year old today. This was my Launch Day post from last year. Thanks for your support of my book this year.

Dori Ann Dupré

This blog post on Finding Dori was written on April 15th, 2016.

Yesterday was my first book’s launch day. I only get one of those. Kind of like a first Steelers game at Heinz Field. I only get one of those. So if the memory isn’t a good one – or one you’d prefer to forget -then you’re kind of screwed.

Back in June 2015, when I signed with Pen Name Publishing, the date of April 14th, 2016 seemed so far out there. And then slowly, week by week, edit by edit, building block by block, this new author experience and first book process came into a full blown photo. April 14th looked nice – a Spring day in North Carolina, a top-of-the-mountain feeling, a Rocky-at-the-Philadelphia-Art-Museum moment just a little while away….

But no. That was not my launch day.

My first book’s launch day was spent on the 3rd…

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