Grieve the Write Way Workshop

Grief is as individual and unique an experience as you are an individual and unique human being.

Grieve the Write Way workshops are opportunities to process and work through your grief with the art and experience of narrative, prompt and journal writing. I am available to come to your organization or church to provide this workshop to your grieving members at no cost and on a voluntary basis.

Upcoming free 2019 workshops will be held at The Joyful Jewel in Pittsboro from 6:30 PM-8:00 PM on September 26th and December 11th. There will also be one held at the annual Death Faire in Pittsboro on November 2nd. 

NEW! Grieve the Write Way is now available as a course at Wake Tech Community College beginning this fall from September 10th-24th. Sign up today!

Please contact me to set up a free workshop at