Other Writing

Published Short Stories & Poetry

“Pale Space” – Grand Central Review  (First Place Award Winner in the Life Of Writers Prompt Contest)

“Water Island” – From Words to Water, an Anthology

“Yellow” – On Life and Living, an Anthology and Grand Central Review

“Lost and Found” – On Life and Living, an Anthology

“Unburdened” – Grand Central Review

“The Fading” – Pittsboro WMO Blog

“He Handed Me the Keys and a Plane Ticket” – Pen Name Publishing Blog


“Book Launch in the Chemo Center?” – NOU Magazine

“The Help a Brother Out Foundation, Inc.” – Chatham Magazine

Visit Purple Issues for the profound observations, through unimaginable tragedy and grief, of an insightful young woman who experienced both the sudden loss of her closest childhood friend from one bad choice…and then her beloved father to cancer…both in 2016.